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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, you'll find answers to common questions about our delicious Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread. Our spread is a unique blend of heat and sweet, perfect for adding a kick to your meals.

What makes the Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread stand out?

The excitement surrounding our pepper jelly hasn't waned since the days in our grandmother's kitchen, where it was enjoyed with so much delight and those unforgettable eye-rolling moments. Now, we're elated to see that same joy mirrored in our customers worldwide. It's truly remarkable—the joy, the hours of conversation, the excitement, the desire, the expressions, and the contemplation of its many culinary abilities. From the very first taste, the enthusiasm grows with each passing minute. It's this beautiful experience that distinguishes our brand and makes it truly unique.  We were raised to cook with Tender Loving Care (TLC), our mothers' not-so-secret ingredient, and you can taste that in every bite of Scorched Bonnets. Originally created for our family, it's made with the same love and thoughtful ingredients that we would want to share with our loved ones. Scorched Bonnets is a vegan, gluten-free delight crafted with all-natural ingredients, free from synthetic colors, flavors, or additives. Our goal is simple: to bring joy with every taste.


Where can we buy the Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread?

  • Scorched Bonnets can be delivered to your front door.  Contact to place your personal order or request wholesale pricing.​​

  • Downtown Winery - Serves Scorched Bonnets on their menu and offers the 6 oz hexagonal jar for purchase at their Winery - 30 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Ontario

  • Bean and Basket - 6 oz hexagonal jar sold in store - 62 Old Kingston, Ajax, Ontario

  • Country Cheese Company - 1.5 oz jar served in cheese boxes and 6 oz hexagonal jar sold in store - 289 Kingston Rd E #3, Ajax


What are recommended food pairings for Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread?

As one of the most versatile spreads, SB offers diverse culinary applications, enhancing both everyday meals and gourmet creations.


Pair with: Charcuterie, Poultry, Pork, Goat, Beef, Gourmet Cheese, Cured Meats, Crackers, Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches, Vegetables, Fruits, Desserts, Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp and more.

Check out our recipes here.


What are recommended wine pairings with Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread?

A New Wine Experience: Join us in a journey of discovery with Scorched Bonnets! As avid wine and charcuterie enthusiasts, we've ventured into the world of wines to find the perfect companions for our pepper jelly. If you think you love wine now, just wait until Scorched Bonnets elevates the experience.


Tailor Your Selection: When seeking the ideal wine pairing, consider the experience you crave. Whether it's the smooth, sweet allure of a Riesling, the peppery kick and luxurious mouthfeel of a Syrah or Cabernet Franc, or the crisp, revitalizing freshness of unoaked Chardonnay, there's a special pairing for every palate.


Unleash Your Creativity: Explore and experiment with your pairings, then share your delightful discoveries with us below or tag us on Instagram! Let's celebrate the joy of pairing exceptional wines with Scorched Bonnets.


Our local must have list: 

The Unoaked Chardonnay from Two Sisters Winery left us speechless and happy. Playing with the heat while leaving a remarkable fresh finish that feels like a breath of fresh air.  

The 2019 Stratus Red at Stratus Vineyards served as an earthy, warm, savoury flavour that enhanced the heat of the Scorched Bonnets.   

The Peachwine at Konzelmann Estate Winery and Scorched Bonnets complimented the pepper spread leaving a delightful sweet and fruity finish.

Have fun with your pairings and share your experience with us below or tag us on Instagram.


The co-Founders, Tyfanny, Silvianna and Yvonne hope to explore other wine regions to find delicious pairings with our Scorched Bonnets.  We will make sure to keep you updated with our findings.  


How does Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread differ from other pepper jellies and spreads?

Scorched Bonnets stands out for its unparalleled versatility, perfect heat level, and unforgettable experience. Unlike other pepper jellies that rely on red bell peppers, we elevate our recipe by infusing Scotch Bonnets—a fruity and fiery pepper that satisfies the cravings of both pepper enthusiasts and pepper jelly novices alike. This unique blend makes Scorched Bonnets a distinctive and irresistible choice in the realm of pepper spreads. 


What makes Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread the ideal choice for a dinner gift?

Scorched Bonnets Sweet Heat Pepper Spread is considered a thoughtful dinner gift due to its exceptional blend of sweet and spicy flavors, versatility in complementing various dishes, and the high-quality, all-natural ingredients used in its crafting. It adds a touch of culinary excitement to any dining experience. With its elegant hexagonal shaped jar and signature glow, Scorched Bonnets is perfect to share with others and is promised to make a statement.  Our customer feedback shares that “Scorched Bonnets is the best conversation starter at any party” - Khadija M.


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