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Legacy of Love: The Family Story Behind Scorched Bonnets

Updated: Feb 21

Behind every brand is a story, but not all resonate with the warmth of a love that blossomed in the sunny climes of Jamaica and traveled across oceans. This is the tale of Yvonne and John, whose affection for each other and their heritage gave rise to a tradition of scotch bonnet pepper jelly that today define their family brand.

The 1950s in Jamaica were a time of simplicity and burgeoning love. Yvonne and John's mutual infatuation was visible through secret glances in church. Their love, sparked by a bold phone call, set the foundation for an adventurous life full of challenges, successes, migration, and ultimately, culinary creation.

In Toronto, the couple nurtured not only their family but also a verdant garden. John's labor bore fruit in the literal sense, and Yvonne began a tradition that bound their family together – the annual harvest of Scotch Bonnet peppers and the making of Pepper Jelly.

Their daughter Judy, and later their granddaughters, continued this ritual, making pepper jelly not just as a condiment, but as a symbol of their heritage and love.

From secret admirers to bearers of a legacy, Yvonne and John's story is steeped in love, resilience, and the heat of Scotch Bonnet peppers. Through their family brand, they invite you to be part of a tradition that transcends generations and celebrates the fiery zest of life.


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